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We understand the complexity of launching an effective career transition and that updating your CV simply isn’t enough anymore. In the ever-changing world of health care, physicians must strategically manage their careers to land the right position.

We believe in a holistic approach to the career transition process by offering assistance every step of the way. We offer customized psychometric assessments designed to identify your blind spots, services from our professional résumé writers, advice from experienced career and executive coaches, and image consulting services. Our goal is to help you put your best foot forward. And, once you’ve landed the perfect job, we will support your transition using our 90-Day Success Plan coupled with our team of executive coaches and our seasoned mentors.

Our packages and support services have been established to guide you through even the most aggressive career transition with ease, allowing you to focus on providing quality care and positively influencing health care outcomes. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Elevate Your Leadership Career


Career Service Options

We offer a broad spectrum of packages and à la carte service items and encourage you to review our offerings below.
If you or your organization requires a customized service package, please contact AAPL's Career Services team.


Profile Services

Your representation of yourself is essential to transmitting your career wins and future objectives.
Let us help you refine your personal brand to the world by getting the basics right.

Resumé Review & Feedback

  • If you already have a current resume and wonder why you are not receiving the responses you hoped for, our resume writers will review your resume and provide suggestions for improvements and refinement.
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Resumé/Cover Letter Development

  • Create excellent, engaging support documents to help you land your next position. Your résumé will be designed by one of our professional résumé writers to provide the most powerful message surrounding your skills, professional experience, education and overall contribution to health care.
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Curriculum Vitae Update

  • Our professional writing team will update your existing CV with a fresh presentation that highlights your skills, education and professional achievements.
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Biography Development

  • Design a story that gives others insight into your background.  This useful instrument is frequently used in the business world to help colleagues, partners and stakeholders develop an understanding of your professional, personal and educational affiliations in order to develop meaningful relationships. 
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90-Day Success Plan

  • Once you land the perfect position, we will help you formulate a strategy so you can hit the ground running.   
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Our professional coaches are trained and certified to offer the guidance and insight you require. Contingent upon your desired outcome, we will work with you to provide the perfect match with our coaches. Whether you seek a coach who is a physician or an executive coach from the business world, our coaches have years of experience and stand ready to guide you through any situation.

Consultation Call

  • A one-hour call to discuss what you are looking for in your next career move and how Career Services can help you get there. Session-based.
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Interview Preparation

  • Allow our seasoned professionals to prepare you for the tough questions and help you make the best possible impression. Session-based.

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Curriculum Planning

  • Whether your goal is to complete your CPE or one of the association’s master’s degrees, we will help you understand which AAPL courses you have completed and which courses are required to achieve your goal. Our team will review your AAPL educational history and create a personalized completion plan for you. Session-based.

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Career Coaching

  • We realize the importance of strategic career planning. Our professional career coaches will assist you in gaining clarity surrounding your career aspirations and values, then designing a Career Development Plan to transform your career goals into reality. Session-based.

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Executive Coaching

  • Once you’ve landed your new job, our executive coach will assist you in the development of your 90-Day Success Plan, then coach you through the execution or your success plan. Your executive coach will help you navigate the complexities of your new role with ease and confidence. Session-based.

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LinkedIn Best Practices

  • This 30-minute remote session is led by a social media expert and will assist you in understanding, navigating and leveraging LinkedIn. Once you have clarity surrounding the potential impact of LinkedIn, you will learn strategies for enhancing your profile that positions you as a subject matter expert and attractive candidate. Session-based.

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Individual services available to augment, match and support your career asipirations.

Access to Job Bank

  • Gain an inside track with the ability to tap into our expansive job bank, to help you locate your next position.

  • Our bank is populated with jobs from many specialties with a focus on physician leadership opportunities.

  • Coming soon is our customized physician leadership assessment intended to help physicians identify their competitiveness for the desired role and create a developmental action plan.  

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Mentorship Matching

  • Pair with a seasoned physician leader who can offer support and career guidance throughout your career transition and beyond.

  • Leveraging the skills and experience offered by seasoned physician leaders, our mentorship program will assist you with connecting with a mentor that meets your specific needs. Through our structured program, we encourage accountability from both the mentor and mentee in order to garner an impactful and lucrative experience for both parties.
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Image Consulting

  • During a career transition, your image either supports or detracts from your candidacy competiveness. We realize that your image goes beyond your wardrobe and extends to your personal brand. Our image consultant will work with you to ensure synthesize your personal brand with your professional accomplishments.

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LinkedIn Update

  • In world where technology serves as the launching pad for many professional relationships, understanding the importance of your online presence is vital to your success. Our professional team will conduct a full review of your LinkedIn profile and make recommendations for improvements.

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Psychometric Assessments

AAPL has partnered with leading edge developers of psychometric assessments to offer our physician leaders with access to various science based instruments. These tools are designed to provide insight and clarity surrounding your leadership competencies, leadership styles, approaches to change and emotional intelligence. All of which are critical skills for success in the world of physician leadership.

Emotional Quotient

  • The EQ assessment is designed to create an awareness of how emotional intelligence impacts our personal and professional relationships. This is critical for physicians who must lead diverse teams with diplomacy and sensitivity. The assessment coupled with the debrief session provides important insights and strategies for successful people management.

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Change Style Indicator

  • The Change Style Indicator is designed to help leaders understand their preferred approach to change while gaining clarity regarding how others approach and respond to change.

  • This is essential for physician leaders who must navigate complex health systems and drive change in order to improve the delivery of healthcare. This instrument is impactful for those individuals and organizations seeking enhanced collaboration and teamwork. 

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  • The California Psychological Inventory (CPI260) is a powerful instrument that interprets the respondent’s leadership perception from the perspective of a close colleague.

  • This instrument has been customized by the American Association for Physician Leadership to identify leadership competencies specific to physician leaders.

  • The assessment provides a fundamental explanation of the significance of the competency then provides an actionable coaching report to guide respondents in tackling those development opportunities.

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  • The DiSC is a non-judgemental instrument designed to improve collaboration, communication and productivity. By understanding your leadership behavioral preference and the preferences of your teammates, you will gain valuable insight on how your style impacts others and how to adapt in adjust your style in order to maximize team productivity and effectiveness.

  • This assessment can also be used in a team environment to help teams understand each other and build high performing teams.

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