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Call for Presenters


The American Association for Physician Leadership® is inviting exceptional physician leaders to submit proposals for presentation at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. on May 03–05A peer review committee will be providing feedback on the relevance of the content and the level of interactivity as described in your proposal. Presenters must be members of the association and must meet all deadlines and requirements. Deadline to submit is January 18, 2019.


Areas of Focus

There are five (5) areas of focus for the 2019 Annual Meeting. Your submission should fit into one of these five categories. If you have further questions please email

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Innovation is doing what hasn’t been done before. It can also involve bringing a new concept to something that has always been done the same way. Innovation can undoubtedly be revolutionary, such as advancements in medicine, but it doesn’t always have to be. Innovation can sometimes be having the courage to speak up and offer a counterpoint in a situation.

This category can also include, but is not limited to, starting a new project or career path or bringing a new approach to a place or situation.

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Sometimes an individual has such passion for a topic that they begin to share it with others and empower them to care as well. But what drives them to share this with others? What fuels a continued interest and passion for this topic? All leaders feel empowered about something, but the way they empower others is often different.

This category can include, but is not limited to, a time when you empowered others, how you did it, and the concept of resiliency when faced with a difficult situation.

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Leaders can often inspire others to think differently, but true and lasting change can only happen through proper influence. Everybody influences people differently; some influence through stories about certain experiences while others use data and hard facts to produce changes in behavior. Some also rely on passion alone to influence others.

This category can include, but is not limited to, ways you’ve influenced others and concepts related to adaptability.

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Awareness is an understanding and subsequent knowledge of one’s surroundings. In order to create change, one must know what is important to the individuals they are hoping to empower or influence. To be truly aware, one must know how to communicate with and understand others in a variety of situations.

This category includes, but is not limited to, self-awareness, self-control, humility, and effective communication.

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Leaders set an example for the people around them. One of the ways they do this is by setting an example and acting ethically themselves. Ethical leadership can involve acting in a morally sound manner and abiding by certain rules and laws.

This category includes, but is not limited to, integrity, judgement, and accountability.

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