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The American Association for Physician Leadership® thanks all our partners for their support.


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PerfectServe® makes it easy to quickly connect with the right clinician at the right time, in the way that clinician wants to be reached. Using a cloud-based system, PerfectServe securely routes voice, text, web- and system-generated messages based on workflow and preferences.

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Education Partners

Hayes, Inc.

Hayes is a trusted partner of physician leaders, providing unbiased, evidence analyses and guidance in support of effective clinical transformation efforts and health technology utilization decisions that balance cost, quality, and patient outcomes.

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Maxworth Consulting LLC

MaxWorth Consulting specializes in the design and implementation of compensation strategies for the healthcare community. Our process, The Call Pay Solution®, is a fair and economical approach to addressing the issue of on call compensation.


Event Partners

CPS - Comprehensive Pharmacy Services

CPS is the nation’s largest pharmacy services provider to hospitals and health systems. CPS improves financial results and quality while enabling consistent risk management. CPS provides pharmacy consulting, management, telepharmacy and technology solutions.


McKesson is in business for better health. As a company working with health care stakeholders in every setting, we are charting the course toward a stronger, more sustainable future for the entire industry.

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